Sunday, February 22, 2015

App Lovin'

I am by no means a technological guru. I can barely tell a widget from an app (that's a joke...). But I do appreciate technology that makes my life: more productive, more amusing, interesting, funny, etc. Some of my favorite blog posts to read are peoples favorites. So here are few of my ultimate favorite apps and why a love love them.

1. She Reads Truth: I posted about this app previously (see post here) but I just really like this devotional app. I always feel so trendy and hipster when I open this app (I'm not... but I like to pretend I am). Also, the content is inspired and well organized. I'm currently working the Hymns devotional series and love it. It's perfect for a quick bible study before class and really boosts my day.

2. Shutterfly App: I've been a committed user of Shutterfly since 6th grade when I was given my first digital camera. Now I love having the app because I can store all of my pictures in one place and still have access to them on my phone if I want to post a #tbt or #fbf or... well you get the point. It's free, easy, you have unlimited storage, and it helps me keep my photos organized and streamlined.

3. Dwelp: This game is addictive!!! I received this app as free promo from Starbucks through their rewards program and I have a serious love/hate relationship with it. It really makes you think but it will make you angry... in a good way. It's like the intellectual version of Flappy Birds.

4. Coupon Sherpa: My aunt told me about this app a few months ago and it's really good. Not to brag but this app helped me get an $80 Polo Ralph Lauren dress shirt for $20 (I. Know.) I love this app and it has great deals that actually work.

5. The Weather Channel: I'm not sure about you guys but where I live it has been VERY COLD lately. While I like the simplicity of the weather app that comes on my iphone, the weather channel gives details like what it feels like (negative 30 in case you're wondering), wind speed, etc. that the apple app doesn't provide. And that's pretty nice.

6. Pinterest: I know, classic blogger app but my cousin recently got engaged (squeal!!) and we've been pinning a lot to our shared board with wedding ideas. I have an all new appreciation for Pinterest.

What are your favorite apps that can't live without (or could but choose not to)?