Wednesday, March 4, 2015

||Coffee & Conversation|| Too Busy To Care

I like being busy. When I'm at school I'm always making plans to get a meal with someone, working on a project for a class, or making to-do lists that will probably never be completed. Even when I go home for a break or just a weekend I try to see as many people as I can and fit in as much as possible. I can't even watch TV or a movie without playing a game on my phone or skimming a blog post. I have a problem.

Over Christmas break I had a conversation with my Dad and we talked about being busy, multitasking, and stress. My Dad told me that he can't remember anyone when he was in high school and college complaining about being stressed, overworked, or just plain tired. Now, stress is the basis of a lot of my conversations with other people. So why is that? Why do I feel constant pressure that a few generations before me didn't really even know how to categorize?

The answer to that question contains many different facets and I don't believe that any one answer can fit any one person. The bottom line, though, is that we are much busier than we used to be. And I think that's because it's normal now. Everyone is overworked, over-tired, and stressed, so no one sees it as a problem. Therefore, no one changes.

When I was little my parents always made family dinner a priority. At 5:30 when my Dad got home from work my Mom would have dinner on the table, my sisters and I would have a place set for every family member, and when my Dad walked in the door, our whole family would sit down, together, and eat. Now we're lucky if we get 3 of us at dinner together. My Mom might have a women's group meeting, or my Dad might have a church board meeting, my sister has soccer practice, I have worship practice {or I'm at college...} and my baby sister might be at a friend's house.

Now I'm not saying these changes are bad, I'm not saying they're good... they're just kind of necessary, but I can see how in just 5 years my family has gotten a lot busier.

So what's the answer? Do we just go with the flow? Overwork ourselves until the point of exhaustion and then crash into bed in the wee hours of the morning?

No. Number one, a busy, stress-filled lifestyle is not healthy, and number two, it's not God's best. God calls us to be good stewards of our time and to value every minute that we have. I think the answer to our "busy life question" lies in the fact that we are stretching ourselves thin doing things we don't really like, but doing them just because, and that needs to stop. If you are loving what you're doing, and managing your time wisely, stress will not be there {at least not on a regular basis}

So drop a club, spend time reading your bible, pray for wisdom, and cut things out of your life. In the long run you'll be so much happier and healthier!

Do you have any tips for staying stress free and busy-less? Share in the comment section bellow!