Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blogging 101: Tweet Tweet

Social media is such an important part of blogging {see my post on blogging and social media here} Not is only is it a great networking tool, you'll learn new things about blogging, and it will help get your blog out there.

I know that it's important to have different social media accounts, really I do, but in all honesty I like Twitter the most {sorry to all the others, I love you all too} Why do I love Twitter so much? I think it's the easiest to use, it's the easiest to connect with other users, and the time commitment can vary depending on when you have time.

So what should you be doing on Twitter to grow your following? Here are a few tips and tricks I've gathered.

1. Follow, Follow, Follow: This is key! The more people you follow, the more followers you'll get. It takes a while to get things rolling and for a while you'll have a lot of marketers wanting to get your money following you, but once you get your name out there you'll really take off.

2. Make Your Page Look Good: Just as it's really important for your blog to have a great theme, it's just as important for your social media pages {not just Twitter} to look good also. The first thing  people are going to see when they click on your username is your cover photo and your profile picture. Make it worth their while.

3. Participate in Twitter Chats: I'm still learning the ropes on this one but what I've participated in so far has been a lot of fun. This is a really great way to meet new people. The other great thing about Twitter chats is the more you give the more you get. Everyone there is looking to grow their blogs and make connections so take advantage of your setting.

4. Quantity and Quality are Important: I read somewhere that when posting on Twitter, quantity is more important than quality. I always hate to say that anything is more important than quality {because quality is soooo important} but it is important that your tweeting a lot. One trap that I really fell into when I started blogging was only tweeting when I had a new blog post coming out. While obviously social media is a great place to promote your posts, people are following you because they want to know about you. I'm not suggesting that you make your blog Twitter you personal Twitter, but it never hurts to share a tidbit about you day {or a large amount of tidbits}

5. Watch Your Analytics: This is very important. I know that I'm not even using analytics to the potential that it has but watching what tweets people really like will help you to focus your blog in a specific direction. For example, my posts on blogging {like this Blogging 101 post} get a lot more attention {retweets, favorites, follows, link clicks etc.} than my posts on fashion. So now I know that I need to be including more Blogging 101 posts and less fashion posts.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get your blog's Twitter account where you want it to be. As usual, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Or if you have your own tips and tricks for Twitter, or blogging in general, share in the comment section bellow. Happy Blogging!