Wednesday, February 4, 2015

//Eye Makeup Remover\\

I know this may sound like such an unimportant part of a daily beauty routine, but good, inexpensive eye makeup remover is hard to find. While I've found quite a few that I have liked over the years, they were always pretty pricy. And for a such a little thing, I didn't want to break the bank. So here are a few of the ones I've tried over the years and what I like/don't like about them.

(from left to right)

Clinique Rise-Off Eye Makeup Solvent {B-}: I got this remover as a free sample when I bought some Clinique products and out of the four, it is my least favorite. I think what it means by "rinse off" is that after you use it you are supposed to rinse it off. While that's not a problem (for me at least, because I wash my face after I take off my eye makeup) when I use it, it's very soapy and leaves my eyes feeling "tight" and "sticky." It is definitely not my favorite but it does the job.

Equate Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover {A-}: This remover is what I'm currently using and I really like it. It delivers the effectiveness of the Neutrogena brand at an extremely afordable cost (I think it's only $4) my only complaint is that because it is "oil-free" it sometimes doesn't feel oily enough to get the mascara off without feeling like I'm giving my eye a brush burn. Overall, I really like the product and the cost.

Nuetrogena Eye Makeup Remover {A}: This is basically the higher-end twin of the Equate remover above but it does deliver a little more quality (but you pay for it). This one glides more gently over my skin, but I can deal with the occasional roughness of the Equate brand when I'm saving $4.

Clinique Lids Lashes and Lips {A+}: This is my personal favorite. I first tried as a sample and I LOVED it and I kept buying it (I think I bought 2 bottles) but I got tired of spending $18 for mascara remover. It's the perfect combination of not too oily but yet very effective. If I was rich and famous, I would buy this stuff by the boatloads.

I hope this list helps and maybe you'll give one of them a try!

Do you have a favorite mascara remover? I'd love to hear about it, share in the comment section bellow.