Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cute and Cozy

I love winter fashion. It's adorable, it's comfortable, it's warm, and it's modest. It's actually possible to look cute and be comfy. Here are a few of my favorites this winter season.

1. Sweater: This cute, stylish sweater is the perfect blend of classy and fun. Even though grey can be a "boring" color, this sweater is easy to jazz up (i.e. the glamorous statement necklace bellow).

2. Socks: I recently discovered boot socks (sometimes called "thick socks," "boot socks," or whatever name the store decides) and I LOVE THEM!! Seriously, they keep my feet so warm. And in the deep, dark north, warm is a must. These J. Crew beauties are wonderful and a must for your winter wardrobe.

3. Statement Necklace: This statement necklace is colorful but not obnoxious. It's just great and I love it.

What is your favorite style to keep warm in the winter? Share in the comments bellow.