Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Wish List

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School is starting to wrap up, trees are starting to bloom, and I'm online shopping. In all seriousness though, I went through a lot of my summer clothes when I was last home on break and I threw out a lot of stuff {which was really good} but now I need to replenish. So you know what that means, that's right, shopping time.

The photos {and links} above are some items I'm really loving this season. Here a few thoughts on the ones I'm especially loving.

Three/six: It's so important to have items that are fun and cute but also practical. While you might not think of these lovely pieces as practical, for summer they really are. Both of these pieces promote air flow and are very light. So that way you'll only look totally hot, not feel it!

Seven: While I only had a pair of American Eagle flip-flops for a few months {my friend's dog thought it was his chewing toy...} I can certainly vouch for their incredible quality and luxery. Just don't leave them around a puppy-in-training.

Eight: I love Forever21, and I really trust them when it comes to "trendy" items. This top is so class but very flirty with the lace/crochet pattern at the hem. It's the perfect summer staple.

Do you have any favorite items for the summer? Share in the comment section below!!