Friday, May 1, 2015

Coffee Cake Muffins

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a fan of boxed foods. I'm not the best cook in the world {I'm better at photographing food than I am making it...} but I love to bake so boxed recipes are a great option for me!!

I've always loved coffee cake but sometimes the "cake" can be inconvenient. Usually when I'm eating coffee cake, I'm having it for breakfast. And most of the time when I'm taking time to eat breakfast I don't have a ton of time. So these muffins are the perfect option!

The box that I use {Krusteaz box} has directions on the back as to how you make the muffins. I follow that recipe to the letter and the muffins turn out perfectly.

The only tip I have is that if your oven can be a bit "finicky" {like mine} you should keep a close eye on the muffins and how long you bake them. The way mine go is one minute I think they need a bit longer and next they're done and ready.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe/tips. Do you have a favorite box recipe? Share in the comment section below!!