Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day Fun

Pretzels: Whether you're the designated "snack mom" for your child's classroom on Valentine's Day, or throwing a party for friends, these festive and simple snacks will be a huge hit!

Valentine's Day Garland: This is such a cute decoration and it will definitely get you house in the Valentine's Day mood.

Valentine's Gifts in a Jar: There are SO many ideas on this link, you won't leave without ideas.

Oreo Pops: What's better than Oreos and Sprinkles? Oreos and Sprinkles combined!

 Eos: This adorable Valentine's Day gift is perfect for giving something simple and meaningful.

Pencil Printables: Do you love Valentine's Day but hate spending a lot of money? Or maybe you're looking for something simple and last minute? Whether you fit the questions above or not this gift idea is perfect for your valentine!

Do you have any favorite Valentine's Day crafts or gifts? Share in the comment section bellow!