Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Products I Love

1. Aromatherapy- Stress Relief: I really like this body wash! It is very relaxing and is soothing to my skin. It's great to de-stress after a long day or prepare for a rough day ahead.

2. Organix Conditioner: This conditioner is great! I've tried a lot of different conditioners and this is the best product that I've found for the best price. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy but it does make my hair super soft.

3. Frizz-Ease Mouse: My hair routine is pretty simple. Wash, comb, apply product, air dry. I know that this is frowned upon, but hey, it works for me. I've been using this particular mouse for a while now and I love it!

4. Neutrogena Hand Cream: Do your hands get super chapped/dry in the winter time? Well mine do! Whenever they get really bad, regular lotion doesn't cut it. My hands will burn at the mere sight of twisted peppermint. This lotion, though, works miracles. And it feels wondrous!

5. Aveeno Face Moisturizer: I've gone back and forth between moisturizers but I keep coming back to this one. Honestly, I trust Aveeno to give me a product that is good for my skin and good for the environment, and I like that.

Do you have any favorite beauty products right now? Share in the comment section bellow!