Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2015

 Tis the season of resolutions, promises, hopes, goals, and dreams. February 1st? That would be the season when everyone wonders where they went wrong. It is very easy to make New Years Resolutions that are never completed. How can you stay motivated throughout the year to make sure that your goals/New Years' Resolutions (whatever you want to call them) get completed? Take a look at this list for some tips on how to make sure your New Years' Resolutions last the whole year.

1. Break it Up. Whether your list is big or small, don't bite off more than you can chew. Don't look at your list of 10-100 things and think you have to get it all done at once. Prioritize which items are the most important and do them first. Simply make your way down the list and don't get overwhelmed.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Take Breaks. This can be a bit dangerous because sometimes if you take a break, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. But if you're feeling yourself getting burnt out, let it go for a little bit. It's better to lose a few days that lose your goal all-together.

3. Find Inspiration. Often times when people give up on the goal, it's because they lose interest. Keep your goal in sight every day and never give up. If you want to become more healthy, read a book on health or recite inspirational quotes every morning. Completing your goals starts with believing that you can do it. And you can!

4. Stay Positive. If you miss a day of working out don't focus on that. Focus on the fact that you worked out 4 of the 5 days that week and don't think about the fifth one. Now some people are motivated by failure (you know who you are, but be careful) but if you're not, don't focus on it, don't think about, don't touch it, just let it go (and cue the frozen soundtrack).

5. Just Do It. You might be able to give yourself 100 reasons why today is not a good day to work out. But it might just be the perfect day to work out. You're always going to be able to come up with a reason why you shouldn't do something. Try coming up with reasons why you should do something and then push yourself to get it done.

I hope these ideas help you stay motivated throughout the year, not just during the month of January. Do you have mindset/practice that helps you stay motivated? Share in the comment section!