Friday, February 27, 2015

College Favorites

1. Bones: While a good TV show might not be "officially" considered a necessity for college, I think it is. A good TV show to wind down the day and help you "veg-out" will help clear your brain and relax after a long day. Just be careful you can manage your time, or you might watch 10 episodes in one day {not that I've ever done that....}

2. Vitamins: I'll admit it, I, Julia, have a fear of swallowing pills. It took me until I was 16 years old to swallow the little ibuprofen pills and I still hate swallowing larger ones. I know how important it is to take vitamins, however, so I was on the look out for something that would give me a combination of all the nutrients I need but not be the size of my thumb. I found these petites right before I left for college and I love them {well not love... but close enough}

3. Slippers: I think this is a personal thing, but I hate walking around in my dorm room/dorm hallways in my socks or bare feet. I don't know... weird... but it just grosses me out. So I wear these slippers EVERYWHERE. I got my Dearfoam slippers as a Christmas gift, but I believe "Santa" got them from Macy's. Don't tell him I know...

4. Sporto Boots: I had a hard time deciding what kind of winter boots I wanted to get. I knew I needed something that was a) warm and b) had good traction. I found these Sporto boots at a discount shoe store in my mall and I thought "why not." And here I am 3 months later and I still love them!

5. Vera Bradley Wristlet: I think this depends on the school, but I carry my wristlet everywhere. I know at some schools, the thing is to have lanyards to carry around your ID/keys, but I like the wristlet. I love Vera Bradley and this wristlet is no exception.

6. Starbucks Instant Coffee: I've always been a coffee snob but college changes a person. I don't have a Keurig and so I just need something that's simple and easy. These packets are great and I actually like the way they taste. They are a bit on the pricey side, though, so if you're a struggling college student {like me} there are some really good-tasting alternatives.

I hope these "favorites" of mine give you some ideas. Do you have something you can't live without at college? Share in the comment section!